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Seiko 5 Automatics

Seiko released Seiko Sportmatic 5 in 1963 which marks the beginning of a new standard in Watch Making which was new for that era. Seiko Sportmatic 5 which was later rebranded as Seiko 5 Automatic follow a strict standard of having 5 characteristics namely:
1. Automatic Winding
2. Day and Date Display in single Window
3. Recessed Crown at 4
4. Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet
5. Water Resitance minimum of 3 Bar
Until today Seiko 5 Automatics are most affordable watches equiped with workhorse movements and robust watch cases. Seiko movements are known to run for years without servicing. The most popular movement is Seiko 7S26 automatic movement. Variation of 7S26 movement can be found in SKX and Seiko 5 Automatic watches. Few variation of this movement are:
1. 7S26
2. 7S36
3. 7S25
Above Movements differ from each other in jewels and missing Day complication.
Later Seiko invented magic level technology and incorporated it in 4R series of movement, this invention allowed rotor to wind the mainspring in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. 4R movement is used in SRP series of watches.